Chapter 10-3: Chains

“Its about a twenty-four hour drive to Progreso, Texas,” Desmond said.
Alan and Marie got into the car, preparing for the journey ahead.
“We can take turns every few hours,” Marie suggested.
“I get to take the first nap,” Alan immediately protested.

Marie Antoinette smiled and Desmond nodded and started the car.
Marie quickly added, “Lets get some snacks before we get too far.”
“We’ll stop at the first gas station we find,” Desmond replied.
“Okay, well wake me when we get there,” Alan softly sighed.

Fear and secrets were filling them to the brim
Unaware of the true danger they were walking in
Desmond wanted justice, Marie wanted to help her friend
And Alan, he wanted answers and love and a life in the end

Alan lied in the back seat, knowing that he probably wouldn’t get any sleep
But he had so much on his mind, when it came to death, he was waist deep

Monsters out to chomp and chew, on broken hearts, lost and blue
Creatures from the depths of hell wanted Alan’s soul
He was lost and alone, afraid and weak; but he had to find Kevin, he had to seek
Trapped in a world he never new existed with an unknown role
Alan wanted to find the answers he hoped would make him whole

He would stop at nothing to rescue his love and discover the truth
Even if that meant facing beasts from hell, he would slay them tooth by tooth

The sky began to darken and the air turned cold
Something evil was coming, something very old
Alan could feel it, his bones shook and his skin crawled
Thick gray clouds filled the sky; the sun became enthralled

No light would touch the earth as the ground shook and the heavens shrieked
Alan looked around; trees stood burning, streets flooding, the darkness creaked
Disaster was all around and not a single sign of hope was there
Suddenly a strong and powerful wind blew everything bare

Empty and hollow, Alan stood in the center of a dark howling fog
Still and void of any living thing; not a cicada, or a bird or even a frog
Alan stood in the fog, his heart quivering and his bones squeaking
He didn’t move, he hardly even breathed as he listened to the creaking

Something was moving towards him and it wasn’t sneaking up or trying to be stealth
Something evil was charging at him, quick and determined; Alan didn’t care for his health
He stood there in the dark, tall and silent in the gray hazy fog, waiting for the monster to jump out
He wouldn’t flinch, he wouldn’t duck; Alan wouldn’t even give it the satisfaction of letting out a shout

Alan could feel the fiery breath of the monster on his neck, hot and ravenous
Still he did not move, he stood there statuesque and valiant; still and callous
The monster quickly reached out and grabbed Alan by the back of his neck
Its claws sharp and it’s grip solid; the giant, awful beast had Alan in check

Alan glared into it’s orange glowing eyes and for the first time since entering that hellish fog, he smiled
The beast roared, revealing rows and rows of giant pointy teeth, it was ready to swallow Alan, quick and wild
As the beast brought Alan to its watering lips he quickly raised his hand and grabbed the top of it’s the mouth
Then he used his other hand to grab the bottom of the monsters mouth, it’s teeth filling it’s giant mouth

The monster howled in fear as Alan used every ounce of strength he had to rip the monster’s jaw apart
The beast fell to the ground dead, its remains steaming and burning to ash, finally, Alan could feel his heart
The fog disappeared as the monster turned to dust and everything around him was becoming clear
He was in a strange house with skulls and bones scattered around as decoration, he could see but couldn’t hear

Everything was weird, he looked around and saw Marie Antoinette and Desmond running up the long staircase
They were fighting off skeletons as they continued up and into a large dark room, strange noises all over the place
But no clear words, it was as if Alan was watching everything happen but he had no control of his body
He watched as he and his friends fought off the monsters and entered a dark alter room, old and shoddy

Everything seemed so fragile as Marie, Desmond, and Alan tossed the skeleton monsters around the room
Suddenly a man in the front of the room waved his hand and sent the trio to their knees, he was their doom
The man wore a red mask with horns and fangs, his eyes were bright orange; it was him, the killer
Alan fought the man’s power, jumped to his feet and moved closer to the man, it was a thriller

Alan had no control as he watched himself attack the man; he punched Alan across the room
But Alan was quickly up again and fighting the man, kicking and punching, facing the gloom
Marie fought off one of the skeletons with a sword; she was breaking bones
Suddenly another skeleton snuck up on her and stabbed her; she fell with a moan

Desmond went to her aid but it was too late; she was dead
Desmond continued fighting, slashing and kicking heads
He was pretty good with a sword but the masked man quickly sent him flying against a wall
And before he could get his guard up, he was attacked by three skeletons; Alan watched him fall

Desmond was stabbed three times and Alan could do nothing but continue fighting
He charged the masked man and punched him twice; the man howled, his voice inciting
Finally the man knocked Alan to his knees and punched him to the ground
Alan could feel every hit, he could feel every kick and every single pound

But he couldn’t do anything; he just watched and felt it all
Finally Alan stopped fighting as the masked man watched him fall
The man continued to the alter; there was someone on top of the alter
A young man that Alan hadn’t noticed before, Alan’s heart began to falter

Now he realized what was going on as he looked up at the young man tied on the alter bed
It was Kevin; he was being sacrificed by the evil masked man, the man wanted him dead
Alan struggled to get back onto his feet as the man raised a giant blade over Kevin’s shivering chest
Alan quickly picked up a sword one of the skeletons had dropped and swung at the masked man’s breast

The masked man quickly dodged the attack and quickly grabbed Alan’s head and chin
The man twisted Alan’s neck and he fell to the ground dead, it was over, he didn’t win
Finally Alan left his body and watched himself die on the floor while the man continued to kill his love
Alan couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t feel his heart anymore, then someone grabbed him from above

He saw Kevin in front of him screaming in his face but he couldn’t hear a thing, then finally
Kevin’s voice became clear, he said, “Don’t try to save me, Alan. Its too late. Forget about me.”
Alan didn’t understand, was this just some awful nightmare or a prophecy of some kind
He couldn’t just give up on the love of his life; saving Kevin was the only thing on his mind

Alan reached out to touch Kevin then the house began shaking and everything began turning dark
The last thing Kevin said before the hosue collapsed was, “Don’t look for me. Stay in the dark.”

“Alan,” Marie Antoinette yelled. “Wake up!”
“Alan,” Desmond exclaimed. “Get up!”
Alan jumped up in the back seat of the car, his heart thrashing in his chest
“It was just a bad dream,” Marie comforted, hugging him close. “You’re a mess.”

Alan’s entire body was shaking and sweating; he took in his surroundings
He tried to calm his breathing, in and out, as his heart kept on pounding
“I saw Kevin,” Alan cried. “He said that I shouldn’t try to save him. He said it was too late.”
Marie wrapped her arms around him even tighter, “It’s okay. We will find him. We won’t wait.”

“It was awful, we were in some kind of mansion or castle and we all died.” Alan continued to cry.
“None of us survived. I watched myself fight a man in an ugly mask and then I watched me die.
He killed me. Broke my neck and then he cut out Kevin’s heart.
We had no chance. We were all dead before we could even start.”

“It was just a dream,” Desmond tried to comfort. “We’ll try to stay away from creepy castles.”
Alan glared at him. He didn’t have the patience to calm down and he didn’t want the hassle.
“I don’t think it was just a nightmare,” Alan exclaimed.
“It was a prophecy!” Marie Antoinette frightfully explained.

“You had a vision and it will come true,” she added. “Unless we heed Kevin’s warning.
We can’t save him.” Marie got out of the car and said, “let’s get a room here till morning.”
“What are you talking about?” Alan argued. “We have to save him. He will die.”
“Let’s not get all carried away over a bad dream,” Desmond interjected. “We will try…”

“No we won’t,” Marie interrupted. “Alan was given his vision for a reason;
to warn us to continue on our mission. For everything there is a season.”
“Are you bat-shit crazy?” Alan accused. “I can’t let him die.”
“Kevin is not in Texas,” Marie cried. “We can’t even try.”

“How do you know that?” Alan demanded.
“Before we left I asked the cards,” Marie expanded.
“So you’ve known where he was this whole time and you said nothing?” Alan scoffed.
“Look, if you’re back from the dead it’s because you have a purpose,” she coughed.

“So you lied to me,” Alan cried.
Marie’s eyes watered; she couldn’t hide.
“I wasn’t trying to hurt you,” Marie defended.
“Stop this shit right now, both of you,” Desmond extended.

“We have to be together in this,” Desmond argued. “There is no time to lose trust in each other.”
A loud growl surprised the trio and a creature with sharp claws approached and then another and another

Chapter 10-2: Chains

Valeria took a deep breath; she dreaded her death
“Okay,” Valeria said. “Let’s kill them all?”
Miranda didn’t answer, as she started driving faster
Miranda said, “Is that really the best call?”
Valeria turned and said, “I’m pinned against the wall,

I’m tired of running and trying to hide
I’d at least like to go out fighting with pride.”

Miranda shook her head before she said,
“You don’t know what you’re talking about. These monsters want to kill you.”
Valeria turned and rolled her eyes, she didn’t want to compromise
“Up till now its been about taking you in, you haven’t faced anything new.
The monsters that want you dead won’t be so easy, the things they will do…”

Miranda paused and took a deep breath.
She said, “There are many things worse than death.”

Valeria crossed her arms, ignoring Miranda’s alarm
“Let’s just worry about getting you to that church,” Miranda said.
“Maybe your friend will already be there, and she can get you out of my hair.”
Valeria spit her tongue out at Miranda and turned to the road ahead.
Miranda didn’t want to admit it but she didn’t want to see Valeria dead.

Valeria leaned back in her seat
And drifted off to sleep.

Valeria’s world was twisted upside down
She didn’t know who she was or who she wanted to be
Life wasn’t easy with evil roaming around
She wouldn’t believe it herself but the evil she did see
It had big sharp teeth and claws with evil empty eyes
The things in the dark that she always thought were lies

Burning incense filled the room; Valeria survived impending doom
The night Valeria got back from the hospital was the worst night of her life
Everything in her room was blurry; everyone moving in a furry
She had survived the accident and seeing her mother washed away her strife
Everyone stood over her bed; crying and smiling; glad she survived going under the knife

Valeria was ten years old; when her mother and father were still alive
The night her life changed, she was still unaware of how she’d survive

She didn’t remember the crash; it was all a big flash
Her mother told her that she needed surgery and she almost died
She was just thrilled to finally be home and to be in a room that was her own
Everyone seemed to fawn over her, her whole family at her side
Her father stood at her bedroom door; his eyes tried to hide

But Valeria could see it, even at her young age
He was hiding worry and it was breaking out of its cage

Aunts and uncles and cousins all left, the house was empty of any guest
Valeria’s mother sat on the side of her bed, her arms wrapped tightly around her
Valeria was loved and she felt it, a feeling that would soon be melted
“I am never letting you go,” her mother teased, unaware of what was about to occur
She kissed Valeria good night and left the room; then out in the hall horror began to stir

Valeria slowly drifted off to sleep
An hour later she awoke to a peep

“Valeria,” a small voice called. Valeria looked around her room, enthralled.
Valeria climbed out of bed to have a look around, when the voice of her father caught her ear
She turned to the door and quietly peaked through, trying to listen; trying to ensue
She couldn’t make out all of the words so she walked out into the hall; stopped at the end to hear
Her father was yelling at someone with a deep scratchy voice; the sound squeezed her bones with fear

Valeria listened closely as she hid in the shadows of the hall
She peeked around the corner, her body pressed against the wall

“I don’t like tricks,” the voice said with a click.
“The deal was that my daughter would live a long normal life,” she heard her father say.
“And in ten years I said I’d be back to collect,” the voice replied. “You cannot object.
Your soul is mine. I saved your child’s life, lest you forget. You got your wish; it’s time to pay.
Your charms and spells may protect you from me but it won’t protect your family. I will slay.

If I don’t receive what I am owed;
Everything you love will erode.”

Valeria’s father nodded his head; he was hanging by a thread
“Cariño, what are you doing up?” Valeria’s mother yawned as she walked in.
“Why didn’t you tell me you had a guest,” she said, realizing she was nearly undressed.
“Go back to bed, mi amor,” he quickly replied, giving her his best fake grin.
“And can you turn off the candle I lit in the bathroom.” The demon would win.

The candle was the only thing that kept the demon from collecting his soul
Once it was blown out, the spell would be over and the demon could rip out a hole.

The demon’s grin grew as the deal would soon be through
“My daughter will still be safe, right?” Valeria’s father questioned once more.
“As I’ve promised,” the demon said. “She will live a long and normal life, long after you’re dead.
She can never be harmed by supernatural beings, just as I swore.”
Valeria’s father shook the demon’s hand and a strong wind blew open the door.

Suddenly the room went dark and a wicked voice spoke
“The girl is mine,” the wicked voice said with a croak.

“You’re too late,” the demon roared. Valeria closed her eyes as the wind soared.
“What’s going on in here?” Valeria’s mother demanded as she rushed ahead.
“Get Valeria out of the house,” Valeria’s father yelled to his spouse.
“The deal has been struck,” the demon grinned and Valeria’s father dropped dead.
Valeria’s mother screamed as she rushed to his body and cradled his head.

Valeria ran into the living room and the second intruder pointed its long bony finger
Suddenly her mother screamed in pain as her body lit on fire as if she was a pile of timber

The demon growled and the intruder howled
“Your power is no match for mine,” the demon roared.
The intruder reached out for Valeria’s arm and the demon leapt to save her from harm
The demon raised his hand and a bright pink light poured.
The light was blinding but in seconds Valeria’s sight was restored

She woke up on the lawn as her house burned in flames
She didn’t know what was real; the horror didn’t have a name

She stared through the front door; the flames spread from roof to floor
Tears streaming down her face, she heard someone inside calling her name
She walked closer to the flames; hypnotized and in a daze
Suddenly something in the fire caught her eyes, she could see a human frame
The figure moved closer, engulfed in fire; it swiftly reached out to stake its claim

The burning figure grabbed Valeria’s arm and let out a horrifying screak
“Veladora,” the figure said as she burned Valeria’s flesh. Valeria let out a shriek

Valeria jumped up screaming, the car radio beaming
“Are you okay?” Miranda exclaimed, her voice was filled with worry.
Valeria tried to catch her breath as she processed the memories of her parents death
“I don’t know,” Valeria exhaled, all of her emotions up in a flurry.
“I had a bad dream or a memory; everything seems so blurry.”

Valeria flinched in pain and she quickly looked down at her arm
Her flesh was singed, the burning hand from her dream did some harm

Miranda gasped in shock as she tried not to gawk
“What the hell happened to you?” Miranda loudly exclaimed.
Valeria shook her head in confusion, hoping it was all a delusion
“In my dream, my mother grabbed my arm,” she claimed.
“She was on fire; I could feel the flames on my skin, stained.”

“Sounds crazy. What else happened?” Miranda asked. “In your dream.”
Valeria shook her head and said, “It was more than just a dream.”

“I think it was a more of warning,” Valeria replied, realizing it was almost morning.
“What time is it?” Valeria asked as she peered out of the parked car.
“It’s almost six-thirty,” Miranda replied. “What kind of warning,” she pried.
“I think I know how to fight this demon,” she said. “and it may sound bizarre.”
“Okay,” Miranda replied. “No more crazy than where we currently are.”

Valeria smiled and said, “I need a Veladora.”
Miranda could see something different in Valeria’s aura.

“What’s that?” Miranda asked, her confusion unmasked.
“A candle,” Valeria replied. “I’ll explain everything after we get some food.”
Miranda shook her head and said, “What’s going on in that head?
“Let’s get your arm bandaged first. You are in such a weird mood.”
“Reliving the most awful memory of your life will do that,” she pursued.

“I’m sorry,” Miranda dropped her head and got out of the car.
Valeria was surprised by Miranda’s kindness. She quickly asked, “You are?”

Miranda rolled her eyes, “Is that such a surprise.
I may be a monster but I’m not an insensitive monster, okay.”
“I didn’t mean to sound rude,” Valeria tried to conclude.
Miranda smiled and said, “It alright. Lets just try to survive this day.”
“That might be harder than you think,” a young man said, jumping in their way.

Suddenly the man shot a taser at Miranda and she fell to the ground
A second man shocked Valeria and she fell unconscious without a sound

Chapter 10-1: Chains

The five hour flight from Santiago, Chile to Mexico City was exhausting
Delilah was fine because she fed on some cute guy before the flight
But Ruth and Rick were wiped out; the last couple of days were haunting
Scary monsters, suicide cult followers and crazy pink eyes gave them some fright
No one said their quest would be easy and it was becoming clear
If they wanted to stop Salaz, they would have to face their fears

By the time the trio made it to the hotel it was almost midnight
Rick and Ruth passed out as soon as their heads hit their pillows
Delilah was too wired to sleep so she went out for a bite
The city was beautiful, just like she remembered, fun and mellow
She made her way to a bar she had known from long ago
Hoping to find someone who could handle her glow

The bar had changed a lot since the last time she had been there
The crowd seemed younger and the interior had been complete remodeled
A young woman sat flirting at the bar, she had blonde hair
As soon as Delilah walked in, the woman’s appeal was quickly throttled
The men couldn’t take their eyes off of her and it made her feel fierce
The woman glared at Delilah enviously, her eyes hard and ready to pierce

Delilah floated to the bar, every man in the room gazing only at her
“Can I buy you a drink?” one of the men the blonde woman was flirting with asked.
Delilah didn’t look at the man. “Jose Cuervo,” she said with a purr.
The blonde woman sat at the bar with her mouth wide open, her envy unmasked
Sometimes Delilah enjoyed stealing away all of the attention
But she knew it wasn’t the same as having someone’s affection

After an hour of watching the blonde woman break her neck and scowl
Delilah decided it was time for her to take her leave for the night
But not before finding a man to feed on to tame her demon beginning to howl
Choosing just one was going to be difficult, maybe she’d let them fight
But that wasn’t her style; she’d rather take both with her, since she could
She could get men to do anything she wanted, if she asked it, they would

She learned long ago that it wasn’t so much her curse as it was desire
If a man had even the tiniest drop of desire for her, Delilah could use it
It was through their desire that Delilah could influence and take men higher
Her power wasn’t in mind control but rather in desire and manipulating it
This fact made her feel somewhat better about using her curse to feed
It was all consensual, based on men’s desire and need

Suddenly a tall man wearing a white cowboy hat approached her at the bar
“I’ve been sitting over there all night and I have to say,” he began.
“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. It’s like looking at a star.”
Delilah smiled and said, “I’m pleased to meet such an astronomical fan.”
The man laughed and said, “Okay so that line was corny but I’ve been practicing all night.”
Delilah smiled and gave the man a quick up down. He was handsome and his body, just right.

Delilah wasn’t picky when it came to men, as long as they weren’t scumbags
“Corny can be cute,” Delilah said with a grin.
“Do you have a place we can go?” The man was surprised; he was hoping to snag
The man smiled a led her out, he was happy to win
He took Delilah to his hotel room; ready for fun
What he didn’t know was that he hadn’t won

“You are gorgeous,” the man smiled, his arms wrapped around Delilah’s waist
He kissed her neck and closed the door behind him; he couldn’t keep his hands off
He slowly unzipped her dress, sending chills down her smooth back with haste
“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this,” the man said with a scoff.
Delilah squinted at the man’s awkward tone
He was quickly taking her out of her zone

“Nice room,” Delilah deflected as she walked over to the bed.
“I picked it out,” the blonde woman from the bar scowled from behind the door.
She quickly swung a wooden bat and hit Delilah over the head.
Delilah was surprised and she quickly fell unconscious as her head hit the floor
The man’s flirting was a trick
As Delilah was out quick

Out of place, out of space and time
Void of meaning, thought or rhyme
Delilah was lost; stuck in between
A world of sin, wicked and unclean

Her guilt was weighing heavy on her soul as she tried to redeem
The speck of humanity she longed for, farther than it ever did seem

“Delilah!!!” a young girl’s voice screamed in the distance.
Delilah looked all around in the darkness trying to find her way
Again the voice screamed out her name, Delilah unsure of its existence
Everything was so dark and warm, Delilah’s body continued to sway
She didn’t know that place; she didn’t even know if she was awake
But the voice kept begging for her; could it be real or was it fake?

Then the fog and dark evaporated and everything was clear
Delilah saw the young girl being carried off by men in black robes
She sprinted to the girl; her body being consumed by fear
The girl tossed and screamed trying to break free, losing her hope
The men carried her to the edge of the cliff
Ready to toss the young girl off and adrift

Delilah didn’t slow down as she watched the girl cry
“I’m coming, Christine!” Delilah screamed to the girl.
Delilah wouldn’t give up; she needed to try
She ran closer to the men, her emotions in a whirl
Delilah pounced on the men in black robes, punching and kicking
Delilah didn’t stop fighting, her body a weapon, twisting and hitting

One of the men managed to push the girl over the edge
Delilah quickly kicked him and jumped to the girl’s aid
Christine clung to a branch hanging off of the ledge
Delilah grabbed her arm, seeing the look the girl displayed
Christine smirked wickedly as she clung for her life
Then suddenly she spoke, her words sharp as a knife

“You killed me, Delilah,” she roared. “You let me die.”
Delilah’s body began to shake as Christine flew up into the air
“I tried to save you,” Delilah let out trying not to cry.
“You let them kill me,” the girl roared with a wicked glare.
Delilah got to her feet and tried not to shutter
“I tried my best to save you,” she said with a stutter.

Christine let out a wicked laugh and said, “Your best wasn’t enough.”
Delilah tried to fight back her tears
She always blamed herself for the girl’s death, she wasn’t tough
Her greatest regret and biggest fear
Maybe if she had been faster or stronger or smarter, she could have saved her friend
But it was too late, Christine was dead and it was time for Delilah’s time to end

“You said you would stop killing,” Christine cried.
The pain and destruction you’ve caused must stop.
You vowed to stop hurting people after I died.”
“I have,” Delilah pleaded, her heart ready to pop.
“I haven’t taken a human life in twenty-five years.”
The girl shook her head, “Your sins won’t just disappear.”

“I can’t let you hurt anyone else,” the girl said with a grin.
“I haven’t hurt anyone,” Delilah professed.
Christine smirked and said, “You must pay for all of your sins.”
“That’s what I’m trying to do,” Delilah confessed.
Christine lifted her finger and Delilah fell back into a box, the top closing quick and tight
She began screaming and banging on the top of the box, her body was overcome by fright

“Christine,” Delilah screamed. “Please don’t do this. Let me out.”
“This is the only way,” Christine said as the box slid over the edge and into the ocean below
“No,” Delilah screamed as water filled the box, she tried to shout
The water quickly reached her waist and her voice was strain as she felt the box begin to sink low
She was trapped forever, stuck in a box underwater, unable to die
Drowning for all eternity was her punishment and she knew exactly why

Delilah woke up screaming, her head aching as she tried to catch her breath
She looked around the room, realizing she was handcuffed to the floor
She couldn’t remember where she was; all she could feel was water and depth
She pulled on the chains around her wrists when she noticed the door
It was a tall, dark, rusted door; she was in an abandoned building of some kind
That much she could sense; she sighed as she her current predicament entered her mind

She was kidnapped, she knew from experience all too well
But she felt more worried for her captors than herself
Someone, probably human, was about to find themselves in hell
Her beast would come out and devour them with stealth
Suddenly the rusted door opened and in walked the young blonde from the bar
“Finally you’re awake,” she said with a grin. “I’m Stacy and this is Todd, and you are?”

“The last person you’ll see alive if you don’t let me go right now.” Delilah warned.
Todd gleefully punched Delilah in the face
“Watch your mouth,” Stacy replied. “There is little worse than a woman scorned.”
Delilah spit out blood and said, “Leave this place.”
Stacy and Todd laughed as Delilah’s anger began to grow
Delilah blinked her eyes twice and her eyes started to glow

Chapter 9-3: Dem Ol’ Bones

Put It in a Love Song
“So that’s just it then?” Marie glared at Detective Whelan. “You’re just giving up.”
As if discovering that you were murdered by a crazy doomsday cult wasn’t enough
Alan had just learned that the guy who orchestrated his murder fled to Texas.
According to Whelan, he was some kind of wicked leader of a serial killer nexus

“I don’t have any kind of jurisdiction in the United States,” Whelan argued back.
“I thought you were seeking justice,” Marie protested. “But not when the victim is Black?”
Detective Whelan shook his head and said, “I’m Black. What are you talking about?
This has nothing to do with Alan being Black; the other victims weren’t, but they were out.”

“Sorry, sometimes I get riled up when I’m angry,” Marie apologized.
“So what are you saying? Were these killings very organized?”
“Maybe,” Whelan replied. “All six of the victims were gay.”
“OMG,” Marie responded, she didn’t know what else to say.

Alan stayed silent as so many things ran through his mind
Death, evil and his new undead life were all coming entwined
Everything was driving him wild; fear, loss, Kevin, death, monsters and gore
And to top it all off his father’s evil last words were coming true more and more

The last thing Alan’s father said to him when he found out he was gay
Was that he was worthless and his homosexuality would kill him one day
And now Alan was beginning to think that his father was right
Because he was gay, he was dead and there was no bright light

“Alan,” Marie Antoinette began. “It’s not your fault. You’re not damaged.”
Alan fought back the urge to cry and he didn’t know how he had managed
He didn’t want to be strong; he didn’t want to be tough
His heart was in shambles and trying to go on was getting very rough

“Look at me,” Marie said, grabbing his face. “You are not dead because you are gay.
Now is not the time to have a sexuality crisis. You must be strong that’s the only way.”
Alan wanted to believe that; he didn’t want to think that his father’s prediction could be true
Alan had always accepted his sexuality; even when he was on his own, homeless, and blue

“Don’t blame yourself,” Detective Whelan said. “You’re the victim in this.”
“You’re special,” Marie added. “That won’t change because of who you kiss.”
Alan smiled; he knew they were right, he shouldn’t blame himself; he needed to move on
He needed to stop Allister, find out why he died and figure out where Kevin had gone

“We need your help,” Alan looked at Detective Whelan and said.
“He’s right,” Marie added. “Without you, we might end up dead.”
Detective Whelan took a deep breath and said, “I have some vacation time I can use.”
Alan and Marie smiled and silence filled the room; the new formed trio had evil to defuse

They all knew what was at risk; they knew that evil was at play
But they wanted to stop the monster and make the evil pay
They were all filled with fear that they had to overcome
But they would do anything to see the evil all undone

He had so much on his mind and Alan knew he couldn’t wait
“Let’s go to Texas,” Alan finally said. “Before it’s too late.”

“What do you mean he doesn’t have a passport?!” Detective Whelan exclaimed.
“I need you to turn it down just a little bit,” Marie Antoinette complained.
“He’s dead, so traveling with the passport of a dead man wouldn’t do him any good anyway.”
Detective Whelan rolled his eyes; he had been waiting for their quest for more than a day

He thought it was exciting that he was on a supernatural mission
He never believed in the paranormal; ghosts or detectives with visions
But after the last two days of witnessing the unexplainable and bizarre
Whelan was opening up his mind and he was willing to see just how far

His new journey would take him and where it would lead
He was a little scared, of course, but he wasn’t going to read
Too much into his fear because he truly wanted justice; he wanted to catch the creep
Who murdered Alan and the other young men, he wanted to catch him and stare deep

Into the scumbag’s eyes and see what kind
Of monster could do something so twined
And twisted and evil; the man who had those young men killed
Must be pure evil; thinking about it had Whelan’s body chilled

Alan quickly joined up with Marie and Whelan as they were boarding the bus
“I got everything taken care of,” Alan smiled. “And there won’t any fuss.”
“You got a passport in two hours?” Detective Whelan questioned. “How?”
“Don’t worry about it, Detective,” Alan smiled. “Let’s just chill on the bus for now.”

“Call me Desmond.” Detective Whelan squinted. “My name is Desmond, okay.”
Alan turned to Marie, grinned and said, “Okay, Desmond. Whatever you say.”
Desmond tried to hide the fact that he liked the way his name sounded coming from Alan’s lips
He was on a dangerous mission unlike any for him before; he didn’t have time for emotional slips

They made their way to the middle of the bus and prepared for their quest
“Let’s relax while we can,” Alan sighed. “This may be the last time we have to rest.”

Eight hours riding with Marie and Desmond, and Alan already wanted to quit
Desmond wouldn’t stop talking about strategy and Marie was having a fit
Marie complained about the bus, she complained about the rest stops and she complained about her lunch
Desmond was being bossy, as if he was in charge and all of their nonsense made Alan want to punch

By the time they reached Detroit, Michigan Alan was wiped out
He just wanted to stretch his legs, get some food and have a shout
But instead he settled with hiding out in a bathroom stall while he tried to chill
His quest for answers was quickly turning into a chore without any thrill

But what did he honestly expect; life wasn’t the same; Alan was dead or undead
Whatever he was, everything was different and that thought was swimming in his head
Say he found his answers; what next? Would he have to go back into the dirt?
Or would he be immortal, trapped forever living with his past sins and the hurt

Would he be able to find Kevin and live happily ever after?
Or would it all be too weird for Kevin and turn into a disaster?
Alan had no clear idea of what would happen to him or his friends
So as he sat in the bathroom he just let all the questions come to an end

He wasn’t going to fret or stress about things he didn’t know
Alan was going to take things step by step, nice and slow
He smiled at the thought and flushed the toilet, the sound of the water easing his nerves
He opened the stall and when he looked up a rotting arm shot out at him, ready to serve

Alan didn’t have time to scream as a tall rotting corpse with green glowing eyes
Stretched out its rough hands to grab him by the shirt; it was a frightful surprise
The monster picked Alan up by the shirt and threw him across the room
“I’m here for you,” the monster roared as it moved closer to Alan. Doom.

Alan was frozen in fear as the monster loomed over him, its glowing eyes penetrating his flesh
The monster was hungry for blood and bones, and it wanted to eat something young and fresh
The monster stared Alan directly in the face, nose to nose, and howled
“Your breath is awful,” Alan remarked and the beast furiously scowled.

It picked him up by the shirt and pinned him against the wall
Alan quickly head butted the monster, giving it his all
The monster dropped him and howled in pain
Alan quickly kicked and punched, every hit a gain

The monster swiftly blocked Alan’s next punch and hit him across the face
Then the corpse tossed him against the wall and dragged him all over the place
Alan quickly recovered and grabbed the corpse by the wrist and flipped onto the floor
Then before the corpse could get up Alan slammed its head in, using the heavy door

He slammed and slammed until the monster didn’t move then he watched as it turned to dust
Out of breath and covered in sweat and blood, Alan pulled the door open with one final thrust
He met up with Marie and Desmond who stared at him with shock
“Before you ask,” Alan exhaled. “I wasn’t attacked by a giant rock.”

“A freaking mummy jumped me in the bathroom. I killed it but he got some good hits in.”
Marie’s eyes grew wide and she said, “Mummies? Someone’s into some serious sin.
To summon mummies it takes ancient power.
Whoever is after you isn’t waiting till the last hour.”

“Oh goodie,” Alan remarked. “They’re pulling out all the stops just for me.”
Desmond said, “I still haven’t gotten passed the idea of a mummy.
“Nasty rotting corpse with glowing green eyes,” Alan replied.
“That means it hadn’t killed anyone,” Marie added on the side.

“Mummies have to feed on youth in order to rejuvenate.” Marie added with a shrug.
“So this thing wanted me so bad that it skipped dinner,” Alan remarked; twisting his mug.
“Don’t do your face like that,” Marie spat out her tongue. “It’s unbefitting of a lady.”
Alan laughed and Desmond shook his head and said, “You two are pretty flaky.”

“Evil ripped my heart out and I’m back from the dead,” Alan replied.
“If I can’t laugh every once in a while then what’s the point. I already died.”
Desmond laughed and said, “It’s a little scary just how casual you’re being about your own death.”
Alan shook his head and said in reply, “Running around crying about it would be a waste of breath.”

“I guess that makes a little bit of sense, sort of” Desmond responded and nodded his head.
“Exactly,” Alan smiled. “Now let’s get the rental before we run into more of the undead.”

Chapter 9-2: Dem Ol’ Bones

Put It Down
Valeria was ready to be done with being on the run
It had been hours since Valeria and Miranda left the shaman’s home
And it was becoming clearer that the end wasn’t getting any nearer
Even with Alexandria and Miranda in her crazy life, Valeria felt alone
And to top it off Alexandria’s whereabouts were completely unknown

Valeria tried to clear her mind
Hoping she could rest and unwind

Sleep wasn’t an option and Valeria was too filled with caution
The sun was just coming up as Miranda turned into a road stop diner
Miranda turned off the car and took a deep breath; even she was ready to take a break from the death
“What about Alexandria?” Valeria asked, wiping away her messy eye liner
“Let’s eat something,” Miranda said. “Then we’ll continue trying to find her.”

Valeria slowly nodded her head
Knowing inside her friend was not dead

The diner was pretty small, not filled with many people at all
Valeria and Miranda found seats near the front and looked through the menus
Valeria wanted some eggs and toast and maybe some waffles too at the most
She was hungry but trying to be normal wasn’t something she couldn’t continue
Miranda looked around the small dinner, quietly observing the entire venue

She had to be ready for anything to go down
Even with protection spells they weren’t safe and sound

A waiter came over and took their order, Valeria noticed a man staring at her from the corner
He was wearing a blue sweater and had curly black hair
The man didn’t shift his gaze; stuck in a morning daze
Valeria turned to Miranda and said, “What’s with that man over there?”
Miranda turned around but the man had vanished into thin air

“What man?” Miranda asked.
Valeria’s heart began beating fast

“He was just there a second ago,” Valeria said, her body filling up with dread.
“Well he’s gone now,” Miranda said with a squint.
Just one hour that’s all Valeria wanted, to go one hour without being hunted
But the man had disappeared without so much of a hint
Her scary life was making her want to get up and sprint

But she knew she had a mission; Valeria had a goal
She needed to stop the demon from taking over her soul

Their food quickly arrived, Valeria was swiftly revived
“Why did you order hot wings?” Valeria asked. “I thought you were a bone eater.”
Miranda smiled and shook her head, Valeria’s cheeks turning red
“I love hot wings,” Miranda replied. “And sometimes I eat chicken bones. I’m a cheater.”
Valeria shook her head; when it came to eating humans Miranda wasn’t so eager

Miranda added, “To my former pack killing humans was vile.”
“I’m glad you’re sticking to that,” Valeria said with smile.

Miranda stuck her tongue out and bobbed her head about
Valeria laughed at Miranda’s teasing face
She was happily eating her food; it was changing up her mood
Positivity flowed throughout the whole place
Things were finally reaching a peaceful space

So Valeria soaked it in while she could
She was happy to be normal, as she should

They chatted and laughed for more than an hour, they needed the break to calm and empower
Miranda was slowly growing fond of Valeria; she was kind and sweet
They finished their food and paid the bill; Valeria was ready to get back into the thrill
A white haired woman walked into the diner and Miranda jumped to her feet
The woman strutted to their table and licked her lip; she was ready to eat

Valeria watched as Miranda squeezed her fist
She didn’t know that danger was in their midst

“Who is this?” Valeria quickly asked. “An old acquaintance,” Miranda said at last.
“It’s been a long time Miranda,” the woman hissed as she reached the table.
“Georgia, it hasn’t been long enough,” Valeria replied, her voice low and rough.
“I heard you had turned good,” Georgia hissed. “I was hoping it was just a fable.
But you were always weak. When it came to claiming your birth right you were unable.”

Miranda wickedly glared
Valeria sat back and stared

The whole situation was awkward and weird; the woman grinned as three men appeared
“We don’t want any trouble,” Miranda replied.
Valeria observed the three men behind her; she knew that they wanted to stir
“We were just on our way out,” Valeria sighed.
“Who’s this one, Miranda,” Georgia implied.

“She’s none of your business,” Miranda said with a glare.
“Don’t be rude,” Georgia said with a smile. “It’s not fair.”

The woman’s white hair glowed in the sun; as if warning of dread soon to come
“What do you want, Georgia?” Miranda demanded.
The woman smirked and looked around the room; her grin filled Miranda’s eyes with gloom
“I want what you owe,” Georgia commanded.
“I want your head,” she wickedly expanded.

“Then come get it,” Miranda warned,
Looking into the eyes of the monster she scorned.

Valeria smiled and turned her head; she could already envision all of them dead
She stood up and turned to the door, the three men blocked her path
“I’m not in the mood,” Valeria said, punching the man on her right in the head.
Georgia hissed and punched Miranda in the face, releasing her wrath
Valeria kicked the man to her left between the legs; the third man grabbed her calf

He threw her onto a table and raised up his fist
She kicked him in the face hard; she would resist

Miranda punched Georgia quick; then Georgia countered with a kick
“Stab them in the forehead,” Miranda screamed and tossed Valeria a steak knife.
Valeria stabbed one of the men and he screamed in pain; she kicked another and dropped him; she was in her lane
She quickly kicked the third man and he wrestled her to the ground in strife
The second man joined in and Valeria punched and kicked and fought for her life

They were double teaming her and she couldn’t break free
She was getting angry and the color red was all she could see

Miranda kicked one of the men doing Valeria harm; Georgia punched Miranda and cut her left arm
Valeria kicked the third man and jumped to her feet, looking for a weapon
She picked up a knife and stabbed the third man; then the second guy came and kicked it out of her hand
Valeria had managed to kill two of the men in just one crazy session
Now she planned to give the final guy an ass kicking of a lesson

The last man punched her in a rush of furry
Valeria tried to get back up in a hurry

He grabbed her by the neck and lifted her into the air; he squeezed her throat tightly in an evil flare
Valeria tried to break free but the monster wouldn’t let go
Georgia had Miranda pinned down; Miranda quickly kicked her to the ground
Miranda jumped on Georgia as her anger continued to grow
Miranda’s fists shot down on Georgia’s face, fast then slow

Georgia fell unconscious and Miranda quickly jumped up
She stabbed the last man in the forehead as Valeria had enough

Valeria got up coughing; lucky she missed her offing
Miranda exhaled slowly and said, “Let’s get out of here.”
“Wait a minute,” Valeria said. “She’s not even dead.”
“I owe her,” Miranda replied. “She’ll be too filled with fear
To follow us. I took everything from her that she holds dear.”

Valeria followed Miranda outside
The sun was bright; it didn’t hide

They got into the car and sped away; they needed to continue west for the day
“You know,” Valeria said with a smile. “You’re not so bad.”
Miranda smiled and rolled her eyes; the tough fighter was her disguise
“Neither are you,” Miranda replied. “You’re a little bit sad,
But jokes aside, if I hadn’t met you, I would’ve gone mad.”

“I’ve done a lot of awful things,” Miranda added. “Maybe I can repent for some of them with you.”
Valeria smiled. Her new life wasn’t so bad; it was crazy but she felt there was nothing she couldn’t do.

“Your friend said to go west,” Miranda finally confessed.
“She said that if we got separated to take you Seattle, to a church.”
“Why are you just telling me this?” Miranda responded with a hiss.
“It’s dangerous there, its where his enemies will go to search
They are looking for you, evil demons that hunt and lurch.”

“Many of them don’t want him to have you,” Miranda said.
“They will stop at nothing until they know that you are dead.”

Chapter 9-1: Dem Ol’ Bones

Put Yours Hands on Me
Chile was one country that Delilah had never been to in her hundred years of immortality
So she was excited to enjoy the next two days searching for the blade
According to Ruth it wouldn’t be easy to find but not finding it would lead the world to agony
With the amulet in their possession the trio was continuing their crusade
The next few tasks wouldn’t be so easy
Finishing their quest wouldn’t be so breezy

At the hostel, Delilah and Ruth fought over who got to take the first shower
Delilah won, of course, while Rick tried to figure out where they could begin their search
Delilah loved the way the warm water washed over her; she could stay there for an hour
Her light skin glistened under the water and for a moment she was calm there in her perch
She let the water run over and cleared her mind completely
She was free in the warm water even if it was only briefly

She didn’t think of pain and she didn’t think of death
She let her troubles go for that moment and didn’t let her curse bother her at all
The world didn’t end; no one took their last breath
In that moment in the water nothing mattered; her problems seemed so small
The water cleansed her body; the silence cleansed her soul
For one moment in the shower, Delilah had felt whole

And then her moment ended as Ruth banged on the door
“Hurry up,” she hollered. “Rick found something you gotta see.”
Delilah opened her eyes; her mind was clear no more
She turned off the water and stepped out of the tub slowly
Back to reality and back to all the pain
Delilah knew without struggle there could be no gain

The warm night air was filled with the smell of fish
As the trio slowly walked through the park
Delilah was ready for anything and she had only one wish
That there wouldn’t be an attack in the dark
And as she took in her surroundings and felt the warm breeze
She was hopeful that their mission would be complete with ease

Rick silently led them through the park to a row of tall trees
Ruth remained alert, looking left and right for danger
Delilah followed in the darkness not letting her optimism flee
As they quickly approached behind a trio of strangers
They were digging under one of the trees, determined and swift
Delilah realized what they were after and her peace started to drift

“They’re after the blade,” Rick whispered in the shadows.
Delilah was hoping he wouldn’t say that
“We can’t let them get it,” Ruth replied, her voice shallow
“Damn it,” Delilah irritably spat.
So much for not getting into trouble
The sight of the men bursting her bubble

Delilah sprinted towards the strangers, fast and determined
She hopped onto one of the men from behind and quickly punched another
Rick and Ruth quickly followed to join the disturbance
The third man continued digging as Delilah fought one man and the other
A fourth man jumped out of the shadows and onto Rick
Ruth tried to help but she was thrown down with a kick

Delilah quickly punched one of the men; he was wearing a red hat
The second man swiftly punched her in the chest
She grabbed his arm as he came in for a second hit and laid him out flat
Then dodged three punches from the red hatter with finesse
But he came in for another punch and knocked Delilah down
As he was raising his leg she blocked his foot and flipped him around

Rick wrestled with the fourth guy as Ruth recovered from the blow
The third man, still digging, reached down into the dirt and pulled something out
“I got it,” he yelled. As he turned to run, something grabbed him from below
He screamed in terror and fell to the ground. Delilah saw what his screaming was about
A rotting arm shot out of the dirt and clawed at his leg
His eyes were wide open as Delilah watched him beg

The rotting corpse crawled out of the dirt and pounced
It clawed at the man and bit at his flesh
Its empty eye sockets glowing as Delilah’s heart bounced
The monster was happy to eat something fresh
The monster devoured the man, with a grin on its face
It’s appetite voracious; squirting blood all over the place

The rotting monster continued to eat
As the man’s screams drifted away
It ravished the man as if eating a treat
It made him a meal; he was its prey
Delilah quickly rushed to the man and grabbed the thing in his hand
The monster looked up at her and snarled, its teeth sharp and grand

Delilah looked down at the creature as fear filled her up
The monster rushed to her, ready to bite
And then it just froze in front of her and slowly backed up
It cowered in fear as it saw the pink light
Delilah’s glowing pink eyes scared the fiend away
She blinked twice trying to keep her own beast at bay

The monster quickly crawled back into its hole
Delilah’s eyes cleared of evil and she took a deep breath
Her heart was racing and her fear took a toll
The monster inside her was so evil that it scared away death
She didn’t know what to think of that; she didn’t know how to feel
But she was somewhat grateful that her stare could make monsters kneel

“What the hell was that?” Ruth exclaimed.
Delilah shook her head, not knowing what to say
“You cannot stop it,” one of the men complained.
Rick punched him as the other two quickly ran away
“We’ll get some answers,” Rick said with a grin.
Torture, Delilah thought, one of her favorite sins

The man’s eyes blinked open and Rick hovered in front of him
“Who do you work for?” Rick loudly demanded.
“You don’t scare me, vampire,” the man replied, his expression grim
He punched the man to get what he commanded
The man spat out blood and said, “That the best you got?”
Rick grinned and showed his fangs ready to take his shot

The man’s eyes grew wide with fear and he lifted his chin
“Do your worst,” he said and he closed his eyes.
Rick punched him in the stomach and face, bruising his skin
The man coughed and spit, holding back his cries
“Who do you work for,” Rick repeated.
Delilah covered her mouth and her eyes retreated

“Rick is good at this kinda thing,” Ruth said trying to comfort.
“I’m just not use to these vulgar tactics,” Delilah admitted.
Rick turned and said, “Then why don’t you try if you’re such an expert.”
Delilah grinned and walked to the man; she was committed
“I’ll show you how it’s done,” Delilah smiled and pushed Rick away.
She bent over the man and smiled; she was excited and ready to play

Delilah rubbed her hand down the side of the man’s slim face
His body shivered as he sat tied up tightly in the chair
“So who do you work for?” She asked, her voice filled with grace
The man grinned in ecstasy as she played with his hair
“You are so beautiful,” the man said and smiled.
Delilah’s soft touch was driving him wild.

“I serve Salaz the Destroyer,” the man confessed.
Rick and Ruth looked at each other and Delilah continued to prod and persuade
“I love you so much,” the man smiled and professed.
“How many more of you are out there?” Delilah asked as her seductive touch swayed.
“Hundreds of us serve him,” the man didn’t blink
Delilah grinned as her eyes flashed bright pink

“Salaz wants us to stop you before you recover anymore artifacts,” the man blurted out.
“He knows that you’re close and he wants to stop you before the rest…”
The man tried to fight Delilah’s power. He shook his head and he tried to squeeze out.
“Before what?” Delilah grinned and ran her fingers down his bare chest.
“Before the rest of the pieces come together and you are able to kill the one.”
The man said. Delilah’s power was stuck on him and it couldn’t be undone.

“Who is the one?” Rick demanded.
“The innocent,” the man continued. “The one he has chosen to awaken his lover and set her free.”
“What?” Delilah quickly demanded.
“Salaz can only set Meelat free by the blood of an innocent on the night of the blue moon. It has to be
An innocent who has never spilled blood. To stop Salaz you must kill them first.”
Delilah stood up and moved away from the man as her eyes were ready to burst.

“I can’t kill someone,” Delilah declared.
“I made a vow.”
“It’s the only way,” the man wickedly glared.
“It’s okay for now.”
Rick comforted and wrapped his arms around her tightly.
When Delilah made a promise she didn’t take it lightly.

Delilah promised she wouldn’t kill another human again.
“We will find another way,” Ruth pronounced.
She made a promise to herself and to a very old friend
“We can fight this prophecy,” Ruth denounced.
The man began to laugh hysterically in the middle of the room
“You fools,” he said. “The return of Meelat will be your doom.”

Delilah walked over to the man and pressed her lips against his
She took a big gulp of his life force and pushed him away
“What is Slaza’s weakness?” she demanded as his lips began to fizz.
He tried to catch his breath and he couldn’t help but obey
“The girl,” he replied. “Stop her and you stop him.”
“What girl?” Delilah asked, her impatience reaching the brim

“The virgin, the innocent one,” the man replied and grinned.
“She is the only person that can kill you.”
Suddenly he broke out of her hold and he knew that he had sinned.
Delilah turned to Rick as her fear grew
The man glared at the trio and said, “You can’t stop him. You’re not strong enough.”
Then he bit something in his mouth as his body shook and blood began to erupt.

He was dead in an instant as blood exploded from his mouth
Delilah stood in the middle of the room wanting to cry
The answers they had sought caused everything to go south
Salaz had senseless followers that were willing to die
Delilah didn’t want to kill anyone. What was their plan now?
Delilah knew what she had to do, but she didn’t know how

Chapter 8-3: Teeth That Chomp to the Bone

Spank Your Inner Moppet
Alan was sitting on the stoop with his head in his palms when Marie Antoinette showed up
She glared at Alan as she made her way to the building; her wig a mess and her dress wrinkled up
“Don’t even start,” she began. “I don’t wanna hear a word until I’ve taken a shower.”
Alan looked up, tears in his eyes, he had been waiting for her for more than an hour

Marie put her hand on Alan’s shoulder and looked into his eyes
She could feel his pain even though she couldn’t hear his cries
Marie helped Alan get onto his feet and led him to the door
She knew he was hurting and couldn’t take much more

Marie remained silent as she led him into the building and up the stairs
Alan didn’t say a word; his mind was too heavy to worry about his affairs
Marie walked him into her apartment and closed the door; Alan dropped to his knees
Tears running down his face, Alan knew he was up against an evil he couldn’t appease

Marie held Alan tightly in her arms
Unable to shield him from all of the harm

Hours passed by and Alan hadn’t said a single word
His silence left Marie Antoinette shaken and stirred
She didn’t know how to get through to him; she didn’t know what to say
And if she did she wasn’t sure it would help; his pain wasn’t going go away

Finally Marie took a deep breath as she gazed into Alan’s blank face
“You can talk to me, you know,” she said. “This is a safe place.”
Alan finally blinked and looked at Marie; his watery eyes, lost and void of hope
She could tell that Alan was hanging by a thread down a dangerous, slippery slope

“Vince is dead,” Alan cried, his voice rough and scratchy.
“How did it happen?” Marie asked, her voice low and raspy.
Alan’s breathing slowed as he stared into Marie’s eyes, low and heavy
“The devil killed him,” Alan replied. “He killed him right in front of me.”

“I’m cursed,” Alan cried. “The devil wants my soul and he’s willing to kill anyone who gets in his way.
You should run. I’m bad luck. I shouldn’t even be here. I should be rotting in the ground, I’m decay.”
Marie searched Alan’s eyes; he was freaking her out
So she slapped him across the face and began to shout

“Get over it,” She yelled. “What would Cordelia Chase say to you right now?”
Alan froze in shock as he stared at Marie, she was right but he didn’t know how
“She’d say. Deal with it. Embrace the pain, spank your inner moppet, whatever, but get over it.”
Marie argued, pulling Alan up onto his feet. “You can’t just sit around and cry. You’ve got to fight it”

“Are you seriously using Buffy the Vampire Slayer to motivate me right now?” Alan replied.
“Buffy and Cordelia would never let some demon stop them. Buffy always fought even when she died.”
Marie declared. “And if that doesn’t get to you; what would Olivia Pope do?
You want to figure this out; then handle it. I’m done hearing excuses from you.”

Marie stared Alan straight in the face; her seriousness at an all-time high
“Olivia would tell you to get your shit together and don’t sit here and cry.”
“Now are you a bitch or a warrior?” She demanded.
“Are you gonna sit here and cry?” she commanded.

“Tell me, are you a bitch or a warrior?” she shouted, raising her head high.
“Life isn’t a TV show,” Alan replied. “When the credits end we all die.”
“Then what are you doing out of your grave?” Marie asked.
“This is some scary shit but you gotta get through, move past.”

Alan searched Marie’s eyes, trying to find the courage to be brave
He wanted to find the answers, the answers he hoped would save
Alan from the darkness that he feared awaited him at the end
But Alan needed to get his shit together for him and his friend

“You’re right,” Alan said shaking his head.
“I can’t stop now. I mean, I’m already dead.
And it’s gladiators, not warriors.” Alan added with a smile.
“If you’re gonna quote Scandal at least get it right once in a while.”

Marie giggled and punched him in the arm
Alan’s eyes refilled with his contagious charm
Marie wrapped her arms around Alan and smiled.
She was happy to calm him down before he went wild.

“Okay, so tell me everything you found out,” Marie said.
“Well,” Alan began. “I’m not the only guy who wound up dead.”

After explaining everything to Marie Antoinette, Alan was still lost
He didn’t understand why he was a target or who he might have crossed
Marie believed that Alan coming back to life wasn’t part of the original plan
She thought that maybe that Allister guy was part of some demonic cult or clan

“Whatever killed Vince must have been a minion of this Allister guy,” Marie suggested.
“Which means he must have some pretty wicked power to be able to have a shade invested.”
“What’s a shade, again?” Alan asked, confusion written on his face
“It’s like a demonic shadow that can move through time and space.

They’re supernatural assassins and you gotta be powerful to summon one.”
“Okay,” Alan began. “So if Allister used this thing to get his evil bidding done
Why did he have Vince and the others kill us on New Year’s?”
“It’s part of the ritual,” Marie began. “that much is definitely clear.

Allister needed a human to kill a human in order for his ritual to be complete.”
“Okay,” Alan replied. “So he just picked up some scumbags off of the street?”
“Probably,” Marie replied. “It probably didn’t matter who did the deed.”
“So we know he needed our hearts,” Alan said. “But what else did he need.”

“We need to find him,” Marie responded. “And we have to stop his plan.”
“Yea, that’s if he hasn’t already completed it, whatever it is,” Alan began.
“Killing six young men and ripping out there hearts is serious evil magic,” Marie argued.
“Whatever he has planned will bring chaos and death, two things evil has always valued.”

“So what do we do,” Alan pleaded, trying to convince himself that he wasn’t a lost cause.
“Whatever reason you were brought back it has to do with stopping Allister,” Marie paused.
She turned and looked out of the window and gazed into the night.
“Whoever brought you back,” she continued. “Is pretty powerful right?”

“They would have to be, wouldn’t they,” Alan quickly replied.
“Yea,” Marie resumed. “They brought you back after you died.
Which means they have a plan for you.
There’s something that they want you to do.”

“So again I ask, what do we do,” Alan said, his hands on his head.
“We find Allister and we stop him before anyone else winds up dead.”
Marie replied. “We’ll find answers either from him or after we stop him.”
Alan shook his head, his fear and frustration quickly reaching the brim

“You’re right,” Alan replied.
“I’ve got to know why I died.”
Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door and a voice calling through
“I need to speak with Alan,” the voice called. “I know he’s there with you.”

They were surprised by the voice that followed the knock, it was deep and smooth
“I know who paid Vince to kill Alan,” Detective Whelan said. His words didn’t soothe

Chapter 8-2: Teeth That Chomp to the Bone

Things with Rows of Sharp Teeth
What the hell was going on? Valeria’s life was so damn wrong?
She couldn’t get twenty-four hours of peace before something evil attacked
She hid behind the bed, as the bullets filled her with dread
Valeria didn’t know what she was going to do as the walls around her cracked
Her life drastically changed and now things with sharp teeth, she seemed to attract

What was she getting into and did she have a choice?
Should she just run away and listen to the annoying voice?

Miranda scurried across the room, filling Valeria’s heart with gloom
Valeria didn’t lift her head as the shooting abruptly stopped
She watched the black boots walk toward the bed as her frightened whimpers quickly fled
A tall man hovered above the bed and Valeria’s heart dropped
He raised his giant gun at Valeria’s face and her ears popped

Death was very near
That much was clear

Valeria didn’t blink as the man fell over dead; Miranda snuck up on him and shot him in the head
Valeria screamed as the man’s body fell next to her, her eyes filled with fear
She didn’t stop screaming; her tear drops streaming
“Get up,” Miranda demanded and slapped her in the face. “Let’s get outta here.
He’s a supernatural assassin which means he has buddies somewhere near.”

Valeria tried to breathe and think
All the time she didn’t blink

Miranda picked Valeria up; she knew she needed to be tough
“Let’s get out of here,” Miranda calmly said.
Valeria scrambled around to get her things, she moved about the room like she had wings
Valeria’s entire body was filled with dread
Trying to drown out the terror in her head

Miranda grabbed Valeria’s wrist
And balled her hand into a fist

She heard a sound outside; something wicked trying to hide
“Quiet,” Miranda whispered as she pressed her back against the wall
Valeria covered her mouth; afraid that things would go south
The sound of footsteps on the stairs outside made Valeria’s skin crawl
Escaping a band of supernatural assassins was a feat that wouldn’t be small

The footsteps got closer
Miranda kept her composure

Miranda didn’t even breathe, Valeria just wanted to leave
As the intruder approached the room, Miranda quickly jumped out and wrestled him to the ground
She kicked and punched and beat his face, Miranda was on top winning the race
She knocked the man out and picked up his gun, she grabbed Valeria by the hand, they were bound
They rushed down the side of the motel and through the parking lot without making a single sound

Miranda looked left and right
She was always ready for a fight

Suddenly another assassin was shooting and Valeria began refuting
Whether or not she should continue her journey or just call it quits
Her heart was telling her to stay but her fear was pushing her away
All the danger and death and blood was driving her out of her wits
She was worried if she continued she’d be burning in the pits

Her body was on a high
As she watched the bullets fly

Miranda pushed Valeria to the dirt; adrenaline kept her from feeling hurt
Miranda quickly shot at the shooter; she didn’t miss her mark
Then another shooter came from behind; Miranda didn’t have time to unwind
The second shooter was a woman with hair long and dark
Miranda quickly shot the woman down with a bloody spark

Miranda picked Valeria up and they rushed down the street
They ran for so long Valeria could no longer feel her feet

As soon as they got far; Miranda stopped in front of a car
She broke the window and told Valeria to get in
Valeria didn’t move an inch, Miranda couldn’t make her flinch
All that went through Valeria’s mind was evil and sin
She felt like she was being punished for letting evil win

Miranda slapped her and she screamed
Things were much worse than they seemed

Miranda yelled, “Get in the damn car? If you don’t get it together you won’t get far.”
Valeria snapped out of it and rushed to the passenger’s side
Miranda started the car and sped off. “We made it,” she said with a scoff.
Valeria struggled to process it all; she really tried
“We have to find Alexandria,” Valeria cried.

“We will,” Miranda replied. “But first we gotta get somewhere safe. I need to think.”
Valeria looked out of the window and said, “My life is crazy. I haven’t slept a wink.”

“Sleep,” Miranda jokingly sneered. “That’s something I’ve always revered.”
Valeria rolled her eyes, crossed her arms and looked out at the road
“There it is,” Miranda said with a smile. “There’s that fire that made you rile.”
“What are you talking about?” Valeria asked, her heart ready to explode
“At the hospital,” Miranda replied. “When you fought your fire glowed.”

Valeria’s heart finally slowed down
As the car continued to drive out of town

Two hours of driving into the night, Valeria was getting over her fright
“Where are we?” Valeria asked as Miranda stopped the car.
Miranda pulled out the key; she was ready to be free
“We’re at a friend’s,” Miranda replied. “That’s where we are.”
“Watch your tone,” Valeria said. “Before you’ve gone too far.”

Miranda smiled as Valeria’s eyes sparked
“Don’t bite off my head,” Miranda remarked.

Valeria smiled, she needed to chill; now more than ever, she wanted the thrill
Of being able to sit back and laugh, just to be normal for awhile
So she laughed out loud for a minute or two, letting out her fear is what she needed to do
“All the death and the horror, I’m over it,” she said with a smile.
“Let’s just keep it moving. I’m ready to change the speed on the dial.”

Miranda smiled and tried not to laugh
As she bent down and reached to her calf

She pulled out a knife; Valeria’s new life
“What is that for?” Valeria questioned. “I thought this guy was your friend.”
“He is,” Miranda replied. “But he needs to be supplied
With human blood.” Valeria quickly got the message Miranda tried to send
“So you’re just gonna give him my blood?” Valeria asked her calm at an end.

“He just needs a drop,”
Miranda said with a pop.

“Who is this guy?” Valeria asked and rolled her eyes; her annoyance she didn’t want to disguise
“He’s a shaman and he can help protect you,” Miranda said with a click.
Valeria sighed; she wanted to hide
But instead she got out the car and walked around to the shack made of brick
“Are you coming?” She called to Miranda, her rough voice annoyed and thick.

Miranda got out of the car and joined Valeria at the door
She took a deep breath and knocked once but not once more

The door swung open and Miranda walked in; Valeria could feel her fear ready to begin
“It’s been awhile,” the man said with a grin as he led them into his home.
“I need a protection spell,” Miranda got to the point. Valeria felt chills in every one of her joints
The man was tall and thin with long greying hair, Valeria let her eyes roam
As he led them to the kitchen where he had a big boiling pot of green foam

The man wickedly grinned as he held out his hand
Miranda touched Valeria’s hair and pulled out a strand

“What the hell!” Valeria screamed. Her anger brightly beamed.
The man took the strand of hair and threw it onto his fire stove
“She is hexed,” the man growled. He shook his head and then he scowled.
“A drop of her blood and I’ll give you everything I got in my grove.”
“Why? What good is it if it’s hexed?” Miranda hammered and drove.

The man stared at Valeria, his eyes glowing bright
Something about him took away Valeria’s fright

“A war is coming,” the man said softly. “And the damages will be extremely costly.”
“Your blood will provide me with a kind of get out jail free card.”
“What are you talking about?” Valeria asked, her desire to know more coming unmasked.
“You are special, child,” the man said, his eyes sharp and hard.
“It’s a good thing you have this one here to act as your guard.”

Miranda looked down at her feet
Her eyes trying to retreat

Valeria bathed in oils after bathing in mud; the man did his magic and got a drop of blood
“This will protect you from anyone he sends,” the man started to say.
“But as for the demon after you, there’s nothing I can do.
He’s got your number and he’ll find you sooner or later, someday.
The only thing you can do is learn to defend yourself, someway.”

Valeria took a long, deep breath
Reminded of her impending death

“How do I do that?” Valeria questioned. “Or is death all that I’m destined.”
The man smiled and said, “Nothing is destined. Fate is a trick.”
Valeria looked into the man’s eyes; and for once she didn’t despise
Herself or her bad luck. She was sick and tired of being tired and sick
“But fighting this demon,” the man said. “Won’t be so easy. He’s slick.

The demon knows you
And he knows your father, too.”

Chapter 8-1: Teeth that Chomp to the Bone

That Boy is A Monster
Delilah hated planes, not because she was scared or anything
But because they reminded her of her curse
They reminded her of the demons she was always wrestling
They reminded her of what she feared worse
Being alone forever and ever and ever
She couldn’t get close to people. Never.

Sitting in a plane surrounded by people she could never know
Around mothers and daughters and fathers and brothers
Made her feel like she was alone, which she was, although
She always knew this truth, airplanes made it smother
The thought and reminder of her doom
The price of never having a tomb

But that flight was different
She wasn’t there alone
That entire morning was different
She could leave her thrown
As Queen of the immortals; as duchess of the cursed ones
Because she had mission and people; she wasn’t on the run

So the entire flight, Delilah basked in the glory of normalcy
She ate her peanuts and cleared her mind
She pushed her chair back and peered out the window cheerfully
She was happy and she wanted to unwind
Happiness according to Delilah was forgetting her demon
Just for a moment or two, before the evil could creep in

The two and a half hour flight was over and the trio was on their way
The mission was beginning and their first task was at hand
They would have the first piece of their mission before the end of the day
Delilah was ready to do some good in her life and take a stand
Stopping Salaz was top on her list
She’d be sure his evil wouldn’t persist

The trio made it to their hotel to rest and wait
“So when are we meeting your guy?” Delilah questioned.
Ruth stretched and said, “We’re meeting him at 8.”
“Great, that gives me time to rejuvenate,” Delilah mentioned.
It had been over forty-eight hours since she last fed
And she could feel her hold weakening, hanging by a thread

“Where are we meeting this dude?” Delilah asked.
“Barnum Café,” Ruth replied. “It’s in Via del Pellegrino and…”
“I know,” she interrupted. “It’s not my first time here or my last.”
Ruth hopped onto the bed; she was tired and didn’t want to stand
“Okay, well I’m going out,” Delilah said. “I’ll meet you both there.”
Delilah looked in the mirror and quickly fixed up her hair

“Are you sure?” Rick questioned before she could leave.
“I’ll be fine,” Delilah said with a smile. “I just need a pick me up.”
Delilah was losing her grip and she needed to relieve
The uncontrollable voice in her head that wouldn’t give up
“I’ll see you later tonight,” Delilah waved goodbye as she made her way out of the door.
She knew what she needed and she had seen the perfect place to search on the first floor

Delilah didn’t normally do threesomes but she really needed to heal
So she rounded up two hot guys and went to their room to enjoy
Delilah’s light skin glowed in the dim room, her body naked and real
Her curly golden hair bouncing around as she played with the boys
The truth is, she did love sex, one good thing about her curse
But the loneliness and death that came couldn’t be any worse

The curse was doing its job; Delilah was alone and broken
The evil witch who cursed her long ago
Would see her loneliness and suffering as a golden token
She’d love to see Delilah’s eternal woe
Delilah’s life was nothing but a debt to be paid
A debt that would keep her hidden in the shade

But Delilah didn’t let that stop her from living and having fun
She was an independent, beautiful woman who danced to her own drum
Traveling the world and trying new things all while on the run
She didn’t see the curse as an end just an obstacle to overcome
In a hundred years, she had lived many lives and seen many places
She’d been with many men and even some women with pretty faces

Delilah could feel her body healing but she didn’t take too much
She left the men dazed and weak in their bed, reeling off her love
Her neck was fully healed; she got more than just a nudge
To keep her monster bound so that she would remain above
Its evil pink influence that made her do such awful things
She’d be able to control it for a few days without a sting

It was the middle of the afternoon and Delilah wanted to explore
She hadn’t seen Rome in at least ten years, so she wanted to look around
She loved the city, it was beautiful and the sites she did adore
She wanted a few hours to relax and reflect on the new path she was bound
She walked around the coliseum and flirted at the Trevi Fountain
Feeding here and there to keep the monster underneath her mountain

It was seven thirty by the time she made her way to the café
She walked down the street, enjoying the evening glow
She had so much fun on her normal, calm day
She could see Rick and Ruth waiting for her to go
As she was about to cross the street she dropped her phone
A beautiful blonde man picked it up for her and she was thrown

“What’s a beautiful girl like you doing alone in Rome?” the beautiful blonde man said with grin.
“Has that line ever worked for you?” Delilah replied with a smirk.
The man smiled and said, “Not really, but I had to try. So where in Rome have you been?”
“All around,” Delilah replied. “Being alone does have its perks.”
“You wanna go somewhere more private?” the man offered with a wink.
“No thanks,” Delilah said, squinting her eyes without a blink

Delilah turned around to cross the street
The man grabbed her arm and whispered in her ear
“I know who you are bitch. I’ve been waiting to meet.”
Delilah tried to pull out of the man’s grip, she didn’t fear
She looked the man in his eyes and said,
“Let go of me or you’re gonna be dead.”

The man squeezed her arm tighter and Delilah’s anger grew
The man’s face transformed and shifted in the shadows
She was trying to stay calm because she knew what she could do
The wave to keep the monster trapped becoming shallow
The man pulled out a gun and raised it to her face
“It’s time that you die,” he cried. “It’s time I erase.”

Before the man could pull the trigger and shoot
Another man with brown hair and grey eyes hit him from behind
Delilah quickly grabbed the gun and kicked him with her boot
The man with brown hair punched the attacker, a hit well timed
Because he fell to the ground, knocked out cold
The rescuer was quick, calm and bold

Delilah worked to catch her breath and she kicked the man on the ground
Her savior standing next to her reached out his hand
Rick and Ruth quickly joined them with all the commotion around
“Are you okay?” the man smiled. “That was unplanned.”
“I didn’t need you to save me,” Delilah replied.
“I’m sorry,” the man said. “At least I tried.”

“You’re right. Thank you,” Delilah said with a sigh.
“Are you okay?” Rick asked as he rushed to Delilah’s side.
“It’s a good think Mark was here,” Ruth said in reply.
“This is the guy we’re supposed to meet?” Delilah cried.
The man’s eyes glowed as he looked at Delilah with lust
Another part of her curse that sometimes caused her a fuss

“So who is this guy that attacked you?” Rick asked.
“I don’t know some weirdo who said he knew me,” Delilah said.
“He’s a member of a cult of hunters,” Mark said at last.
“They hunt supernatural beings, the live ones and the undead.”
Delilah shook her head, her life more complicated than ever before
She was starting to miss the days when she was a mortal, more and more

“So where’s this amulet?” she asked, turning to Mark.
He handed her a ruby studded Phoenix shaped necklace
The amulet glowed beautifully, even in the dark
Finally they could cross one task off of their checklist
Now they’d be off to Chile for the next part of their quest
But not before Delilah fed from the hunter, so obsessed

Chapter 7-3: If Looks Could Kill, You’d Be Dead, Again

I’m just like an assassin, leave without a trace
“How is this possible?” Detective Whelan stuttered.
“I don’t know.” Alan nervously uttered.
“I woke up in a coffin underground.”
Whelan’s face twisted at the sound

He was confused and terrified
His deepest fears verified
“I just want to know why I died and how I came back,” Alan said
Detective Whelan kept his gun pointed at Alan’s head

“Are you a zombie or something?” Whelan asked.
“No,” Alan exclaimed, his feeling of insult unmasked.
“Then how the hell are you alive?” Whelan barked.
“Because I saw your body cut up and marked.”

“Marked?” Alan asked, his eyes growing wide with curiosity.
“Yea,” Whelan replied. “What happened to you was such an atrocity.
Your skin was burned with a mark on it, just like the other bodies we found.”
“Other bodies?” Alan asked. “There were others?” Alan shivered at the sound.

“Five other young men were found dead on New Year’s morning,” Whelan replied.
“All of them were missing their hearts. I was hoping that Vincent Lewis would provide
Some kind of answers but he hasn’t said a word since I brought him in.”
Alan turned around to Vince; he was still out cold, cuts and bruises on his skin

“Well, I was able to get some answers,” Alan said with a smirk.
Whelan looked at Vince and said, “Looks like you went to work.”
“I just want to solve this, just like you,” Alan confessed.
“Obviously we have different methods, Whelan professed.

“So did Vince kill all of us?” Alan questioned.
“No, he had help,” Whelan mentioned.
“I think he was part of some kind of cult killing spree.
All of the bodies had the same mark, a spiral three.”

“Let me go and I will tell you everything I know,” Alan proposed.
“I can’t just let you go. You tortured a suspect,” Whelan opposed.
“I tortured the man who murdered me,” Alan claimed.
“And he’s alive, just some cuts and bruises, he wasn’t maimed.”

“The fact that you don’t see how insane that sounds is troubling,” Whelan retorted.
“Just trust me,” Alan replied. “Come to Marie’s after work and we’ll get this sorted.”
Detective Whelan slowly put down his gun, unsure of the truth
“I know this seems crazy,” Alan said. “But here is your proof.

I’m right here, alive in front of you,” Alan said.
“Things can’t get worse, I’m already dead.”
Detective Whelan nodded his head; it was true he might as well believe
Alan was in front of him, talking and moving, his eyes didn’t deceive

Vince regained consciousness as he sat cuffed in his chair
Alan walked over to him, hoping to get him to share
He wanted to know the plot, to hear what the murders were all about
He needed to know the truth; he needed everything to come out

Alan lifted Vince’s head and looked him in the eyes
“Why,” Alan began. “Did you kill all of these guys?”
Vince’s eyes filled with fear
As the question became clear

Vince looked into Alan’s eyes and he saw the guy he killed
He didn’t blink his eyes once as his veins quickly chilled
He shook his head as tears began to flow
He wanted to confess before his soul could blow

“You know I don’t like to ask questions twice,” Alan professed.
“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry,” Vince cried and confessed.
Detective Whelan walked over and looked Vince in the eyes
“Who are they?” he demanded. “Who killed the other guys?”

“Please don’t make me tell you,” Vince cried.
“Tell me the names of the others?” Alan replied.
Detective Whelan turned to Alan and said, “He won’t spill.”
Alan wasn’t done yet and he hadn’t got his fill

Alan put his hand on Vince’s shoulder and Vince’s body trembled
Alan and Detective Whelan needed all of the pieces to be assembled
“Okay,” Vince began. “Allister told me one thing that scared the shit out of me.”
“Who is Allister?” Whelan questioned. “Is he the mastermind behind this evil spree?”

Vince looked and cried, “I’m not a traitor.”
Alan sighed and said, “I’ll tell you all that later.”
“Right now I want him to tell me why six young men had to die.”
“It’s not so simple,” Vince said. “The question is what not who or why.”

“What are you talking about?” Detective Whelan commanded.
“What does Allister want with 6 dead men,” Vince expanded.
“He’s got a crazy wicked plan,” Vince laughed in a fit
Alan grabbed Vince’s finger and quickly twisted it

Vince howled in pain as his mind quickly clouded
“Quit playing with us and get to the point,” Alan shouted.
“He’s into demonic shit,” Vince cried. “He said he needed six souls for his plan to work.”
“He’s got an evil plan and he wants to end the world. He’s crazy,” Vince added with a smirk

“Or I thought he was crazy,” Vince continued. “Until I saw you.”
“I saw you back from the dead and I knew what he wanted to do.”
Alan turned to Detective Whelan then back to Vince, his eyes filled with curiosity
Detective Whelan observed Alan and noticed he was trying to tame his animosity

“What does he want to do?” Detective Whelan questioned.
Vince took a deep breath and said. “Fulfill an ancient legend.”
Alan’s chest ached as he looked in Vince’s cold gaze
He seemed terrified as his body burned in a blaze

“What legend?” Detective Whelan asked, his hand on his gun.
Alan felt a chill rush through his body; he felt like he should run
“The legend of Cadilitha the Tormentor,” Vince replied, his face filled with fright
Alan’s body shivered and he looked out of the window and into the dark night

“Who is Cadilitha?” Whelan asked, his eyes on Vince
“She’s an ancient evil deity,” Vince replied with a wince.
Alan looked out into the hall as his head started spinning
Something was coming; Alan could feel it beginning

The light in the room began to flicker and Vince gasped in fear
A gust of cold air filled the room and the only thing they could hear
Was a low deep growl coming from the hall
The growl made Detective Whelan’s skin crawl

The window busted open sending glass shattering around the room
Vince screamed at the top of his lungs as if it was a shriek of doom
Then he suddenly stopped as the lights went out
And Alan fell into Detective Whelan with a shout

A tall dark shadow loomed in the corner next to Vince
As the light from the moon rained down in a rinse
The shadow had red glowing eyes that peered through Alan’s soul
The wicked presence of the shadow really set a toll

The figure laughed in the darkness as Alan and Whelan stared
Vince didn’t say a word sitting in his chair, silent and scared
Detective Whelan reached for his gun as the figure moved in
The shadow was draped in darkness and wrapped up in sin

The shadow lifted Vince’s head, twisted his neck, and quickly fled
The lights came on in the room and Alan could see that Vince was dead
Detective Whelan rushed to Vince and loudly screamed
Everything was becoming more frightening than it ever seemed

“I need your help,” Detective Whelan yelled out.
Alan stood there frozen. What was it all about?
Why was death surrounding him? Why was he cursed?
Would he find the answers or would it all become worse?

Alan looked up and quickly ran out of the room
He didn’t know how he would escape the doom